publicación «Annodamenti. La specializzazione dei tessuti urbani nel processo formativo e nel progetto»

“Annodamenti. La specializzazione dei tessuti urbani nel processo formativo e nel progetto” (Knottings. The specialization of urban fabric in the formative process and in the architectural design) is a theoretical text that aims to rationalize, systematically, certain architectural and urban phenomena diffused throughout history, that can still be identified in the modern city. The text is part of Marco Falsetti‘s researches in the field of urban morphology, in which the author mainly deals with the processes underlying the creation of urban spaces, and the formation -and transformation- of the «market space» as an architectural typology.

The term knotting indicates, in the author’s sense, the outcome of a process through which different elements of an architectural and/or urban structure are connected together to form a higher level entity. This phenomenon often involves the creation of a strong relationship between pathways and fabrics and, over the course of history, has been able to create new building typologies which established a link of organicity and complexity between places. In this sense, seemingly distinct phenomena such as the French passages, the Japanese shotenghai, or the Spanish plaza mayor share, on different scales, the same formative dynamics.

The research is structured according to the three different scales involved in the phenomenon: architectural, urban and territorial; architectural, by reading the genesis and transformation of building typologies like the Roman palazzo and the Spanish corral de comedias; urban, through the study of linear knottings such as passages and all the commercial covered streets; territorial, like the Spanish plaza mayor or the French bastide. Starting from the symbolic and philosophical premise of the concept of knot and knotting, the book investigates the origin and evolution of the phenomenon through its historical forms to modernity. In this regard, the authors’ final essays investigating the possibilities of creating «knottings» in modern urban fabrics are very interesting, since they represent a possible architectural response to the problems of the urban dynamics that cross our society.

“Annodamenti” is the second book by Marco Falsetti, published by the Italian publishing house Franco Angeli; the text, published in October 2017, is finalist in the architecture section of the National Scientific Dissemination Award 2017 issued by the Italian institution CNR (National Research Council).

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