The intent of the design workshop & summer school « MEDITERRANEW ARCHITECTURAL WORKSHOP COMPETITION 2013″ is to investigate new possible approaches in the development of projects for the communication and enhancement of the cultural heritage and landscape in the Mediterranean area. We are sure that we must find new ways that allow a better dialogue between the extraordinary heritage of the countries bordering the mare nostrum and a responsible use by an increasingly wide international audience. We also believe that we can find new tools for contemporary and sustainable economic development that should enhance instead of spoil the local resources.

The Greek island of Amorgos, the most distant of the Cyclades, is in fact one of the few that has maintained until now a strong identity, little contaminated by the mass tourism of neighboring islands. The first topic to be dealt with concerns the development of a site of historical and cultural importance; starting from an urban territorial scale, it will reach the detail of graphic communications. The rural site of Asfontylitis Greece) offers students the first opportunity to deal with these issues and will be a matrix of a modus operandi to be applied to other sensitive sites. Because the island is currently dependent on a diesel power plant located near Xora, interventions in the specific areas are advised to propose new energy solutions under the standard of sustainability and low environmental impact. Since an intervention in a socio-cultural context as sensitive as that of a small Mediterranean island involves addressing complex relational dynamics, particular attention should be paid to conflict management and resolution.






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En la isla griega de Amorgos del 20 al 29 de septiembre

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